1. Goodbye Morning by EZTV
  2. Found You by Django Django
  3. Place Your Bets by exmagician
  4. Sorry by The Moth and The Flame
  5. Pieces by PLGRMS
  6. Heathering by Your Friend
  7. Default by KEAH
  8. Turnstile by Lion Limb
  9. Perfect Vision by Icky Blossoms
  10. Cut Your Bangs by Radiator Hospital
  11. Spirit Was by LVL UP
  12. Torrey Pine by Chris Cohen
  13. Drummers by Deepakalypse
  14. Sleepy Lagoon by Carl Broemel
  15. Truth Lies Low by Andrew Bird
  16. Opposite House by Cass McCombs
  17. Feelings Locked Up Tight by Hala
  18. Violets by Matt Kivel
  19. South Side by Triathalon
  20. If I Could Find You (Eternity) by The Holydrug Couple
  21. Motoring by TOY
  22. Yesterday by Swim Mountain
  23. Mind Mischief by Tame Impala
  24. You Broke My Cool by Pond
  25. Fireworks by Animal Collective
  26. Windowpane by Mile High Club
  27. Take Care by Deerhunter

Apple Music Playlist(Missing Cut Your Bangs & Fireworks)

Spotify Playlist