1. Hussy by Crystal Skulls
  2. Morning Thought by JR JR
  3. What We Need We Know by Busman's Holiday
  4. Mr. Window by Dada Plan
  5. A Silver Song by Conspriacy Of Owls
  6. Go There by Small Forward
  7. Wolfman by Sandro Perri
  8. For Love, From the Law by Humeysha
  9. Good as Gone by BOYO
  10. Shooting Star by Richard In Your Mind
  11. Heavy Blow by Camp Howard
  12. Oh the Weather by Ladada
  13. Pretty Haze by Summer Heart
  14. What Did You Say by Space Daze
  15. Sugar by Beach Fossils
  16. Beach Comber by Real Estate
  17. Fool's Errand by Fleet Foxes
  18. Mock Origami by Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
  19. Nothin' No by David Vandervelde
  20. Robbed and Gifted by Holy Sons
  21. You Are the Right One by Sports
  22. Black Lipstick by Chicano Batman
  23. True Blue by Jesse and the Dandelions
  24. Put a Flower in Your Pocket by The Arcs
  25. Vyvanse by Grounders
  26. Television Eyes by Steady Sun
  27. Esther Reed by Esther Reed

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Spotify Playlist