1. Technicolor by Nurses
  2. Domino by Gardens & Villa
  3. Really Thought She Loved Me by Masasolo
  4. Iwitw by THØSS
  5. Hot Weather by Beach Baby
  6. No Woman by Whitney
  7. Glowing Eyes by Tropic Harbour
  8. Stickin to the Sheets by Hello Ocho
  9. Parking Lots by Plums
  10. Twin Lake by Honeymoon
  11. Ivy by SALES
  12. Grand New Spin by Gold Celeste
  13. Summer Heat by Fog Father
  14. Synth Song by The Symposium
  15. Since I've Been Thinking by NE-HI
  16. Round the Moon by Summer Camp
  17. 100 Million by Charlie Hilton
  18. Mononucleosis by Pop & Obachan
  19. Tied in Knots by Soul Low
  20. Ufo Factory by Moonwalks
  21. So Still by Major Major Major
  22. Lovers' Carvings by Bibio
  23. Wasting Time by Psychic Shakes
  24. Krawn the Destroyer by Sexy Girls
  25. Oh So You're Off I See by Kane Strang
  26. So Slow by Jons
  27. A Great Snake by The Lemon Twigs
  28. Lying Has To Stop by Soft Hair

Apple Music Playlist(Missing Parking Lots, Twin Lake, and Synth Song)

Spotify Playlist(Missing Twin Lake)