1. Jasper by Hooton Tennis Club
  2. Window by Tahiti 80
  3. Do You Feel It by Holy Wave
  4. When I Get Home by Post Animal
  5. What a Dream I Had by Cool Ghouls
  6. Forever Underfoot by Aan
  7. All Out in the Open by Mesita
  8. 1969 by The Proper Ornaments
  9. 1973 by Fauna Shade
  10. Ocean by Olivier Heim
  11. Destroy Me by Once and Future Band
  12. April Moon (Bonus Track) by The Brotherhood Of Lizards
  13. Time to Go by Fascinator
  14. Good Luck by The Undercover Dream Lovers
  15. Irises by Steady Sun
  16. Wish Hotel by Ducktails
  17. Trips by The Smoking Trees
  18. Zoom Out by Jerry Paper
  19. What Once Was by Her's
  20. Who? by Animali
  21. Never Had a Dream by Hunck
  22. Girl > Boy by Icarus Himself
  23. Walrus by D.D Dumbo
  24. Vertical by Animal Collective
  25. Sarah (Bonus Track) by Alex G
  26. Lake Superior by The Arcs
  27. Alien by Wild Nothing
  28. Peter Pan by Born Idiot
  29. Billy and I by Travis Bretzer

Apple Music Playlist (Missing Zoom Out & Peter Pan)

Spotify Playlist